Opportunity to share your CYP engagement projects with Paediatricians! [deadline 17.02.22]

CALL TO ACTION: submit your children and young people's engagement project for the RCPCH Annual conference

By mdavidfeveck · 20 January 2022

Every year at the RCPCH Annual Conference, RCPCH &Us young people/parents/paediatricians select 20 engagement projects to create a poster for the conference to showcase ideas, new ways of working, new resources or learning.  1000+ child health workers have access to the posters, so it’s a great way to inspire, amplify and get the word out about the great role that engagement and participation plays in child health.

The deadline for submissions is 17 Feb via an MS Form that takes about 5 minutes to complete and can be filled out by young people, parents or workers.

More details at https://rcpch.ac.uk/news-events/rcpch-conference/cyp-engagement-posters… or from @RCPCH_and_Us Deadline 17.02.22