Launch of the 2021 RCPCH EQIP

The RCPCH EQIP launched their new training waves on the 25 August 2021.

By mdavidfeveck · 29 September 2021

The RCPCH EQIP launched their new training waves on the 25 August 2021. The programme received 17 team applications in total to join the programme which will run until March 2022. EQIP teams have already completed half a day of training delivered by an external QI Expert and supported by the faculty team, which included workshops on the introduction to quality improvement tools.

During this new wave of EQIP we have created and developed a new EQIP microsite where participant teams can access training materials, resources and video webinars.

Our first support call with the team champions took place on 8 September and was a great way to discuss and feedback on the project interventions based on what the teams had identified as gaps within service provision in areas such as: mental health, patient and family engagement, first seizure referral pathway, Transition, SUDEP risk.

We are delighted with the EQIP teams progress so far and excited to be delivering the first of two sessions of our patient and engagement training session on the programme which will take place on 23 September.  Within these training sessions, the teams will be challenged to think of ways of how they can embed children, young people and families within their project intervention in an active way and work with them as equal partners to enhance their QI project.