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Read about the different large and small scale quality improvement interventions and activities taking place in the UK

Building strong integrated care systems everywhere

ICS implementation guidance on working with people and communities.

Read more: https://mcusercontent.com/eb80d505a316b024f7efd798c/files/73703f3d-1187-065b-d7ab-8183bd7404dc/B0661_ics_working_with_people_and_communities.pdf

The Habits of Improvers

This paper offers a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of the men and women who deliver and co-produce care on the ground, the improvers on whom the NHS depends.

It describes 15 habits which such individuals regularly deploy, grouped under five broad headings – learning, influencing, resilience, creativity and systems thinking.

It goes on to suggest that there is a ‘signature pedagogy’ of improving quality, that is to say that there are certain teaching and learning methods which best develop capability in understanding and implementing improvement.

Read more: https://www.health.org.uk/publications/the-habits-of-an-improver

The Scottish Improvement Journey: a nationwide approach to improvement

20 April 2018

Public services face many challenges ranging from increasing demands for services and funding cuts, to inefficient or at times even ineffective processes. Quality improvement can be considered as part of a solution to such challenges, as the approach focuses on doing things better at the system level rather than just having people working more or working even harder.

Building on a long history of quality services, driven by staff and professional bodies, Scotland’s present ambition is to make the country the best place to live in. To achieve this goal, the Scottish Government recognises the need for quality improvement in public services and is, therefore, putting great effort into building an integrated landscape of quality improvement in public services.

This paper shares the story of the Scottish Improvement Journey encompassing 50 years of clinical audit and improvement programmes.

Read more on the processes put in place for Scotland’s QI framework

How hospital trusts are embedding Quality Improvement to deliver high quality and sustainable patient care

11 September 2018

The CQC report on How hospital trusts are embedding Quality Improvement to deliver high quality and sustainable patient care published in 2018 is based on NHS Trusts experiences of using QI as a systematic approach to improving service quality, efficiency and morale.

The report is based on interviews with trust staff from all levels, local QI teams and patient groups as well as visits to six trusts to see their QI in action. We also spoke to members of the CQC hospital inspection team and reviewed inspection reports, published trust board papers and local QI publications.

Read more on the outcomes of the CQC report

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